Friday, July 19, 2013

Behavior Charts for Throwback Thursday

I am linking with Cara at the First Grade Parade for Throwback Thursday.

But, with jury duty and an evening class on Thursday, I'm linking a bit late. Early Friday.

Back to school is about a month away. I begin to think about all the classroom management ideas I'll put into place. 

I tried something new last year. Students took home a behavior chart each Friday. It was one way I communicated to parents how their children were doing in class. The parents especially appreciated it.

I wanted to keep it simple and easy. At the end of each day, I would use a colored marker to highlight the color each child had to turn his or her card to on the class behavior chart. It was recorded on my weekly attendance sheet. If a child stayed on green, I would not highlight the box by his or her name. It was an efficient way to keep a record of student behavior.
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I have a behavior chart that I use daily in my classroom.

Lakeshore® Behavior Management Pocket Chart

Each student has his or her name on the chart. Everyone starts out on green each day. 

Green is good behavior.
Yellow is a warning.
Orange is a consequence {usually lose 5 minutes at the beginning of recess}.
Red is action taken {a call home to parents}.

I keep track of the students' behavior on my attendance sheet grid. I highlight {with yellow, orange, or red} any students who have had to turn their cards over to a different color. It's an easy way to quickly mark students' behavior progress at the end of each day.

I also want parents to be informed of their child's progress. I have been using this form to tally student progress.

I tally the number of times students' cards move to a specific color. I comment on any specific behavior I want to inform the parents about on the lines at the bottom of the chart. The box at the top right hand corner is for a student number. All my students have numbers to help with management. I can quickly tell if I have completed a form for each student. These forms go home at the end of the day each Friday.

I'm starting to use a similar chart that students fill out themselves. This idea came from a parent of one of my students who is also a teacher.

The students complete this chart themselves. They keep the charts at their desks and color in the color of their card at the end of each day. I like this form, because the students take responsibility for completing their own charts. 

All the parents of students in my classroom know that the forms go home on Fridays. I don't require parent signatures, unless I set up a special contract with specific students to have the forms signed and returned.

You can download the Weekly Behavior Charts HERE.

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