Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Math Practice: Finding Addends

Building number sense is a big part of first grade math. We want to give students multiple experiences and varying opportunities to build their sense of number.

Show Me and Blockout are two of the activities I use to build number sense.

I use Show Me at the beginning of the year.

Pre-School through Grade 1 Activity Cards

The Show Me cards were developed by Larry Ecklund. The students practice identifying sets of addends for specific sums. 

They cover the sets of addends with colored transparent markers. The colored markers are orange, green, yellow, blue, and red. All of the addends in a set are covered with the same color. The side of an element/number in a set must be touching the side of another element/number in the set. The object is to cover all the squares on the card.

I use Blockout, as the year progresses, when students who are able to progress from counting the number of pictures to adding numbers.

The set I own progresses from sums of 6 through sums of 12. The cards for each sum progress in difficulty {levels a through h}. 

I introduce the activity in small groups, and then it becomes an independent activity. It's a great activity for a math center or math activity when students complete assignments. 

I use them in different ways, depending on the needs of my students. Sometimes I have students work with a partner to complete the cards. Because of the different levels, students can work at varying independent levels.

I love the flexibility of them. They can be used for guided groups, individually, or even used for team games. 

I've had them for such a long time, that I wasn't sure they could still be found. I found a few resources for them. Click on the pictures to get more information.

I would love to hear about activities you use in this area to build number sense.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Classroom Management Ideas and Nellie Edge

Do you use Nellie Edge materials in your classroom? I use several of her big books and songs to go along with them.

I Can Read Colors is the book I have students take home on the first day of first grade. The words to the book are on a pocket chart. We practice the words/song throughout the first day. I send the book home with the students with an "I Can Read" certificate. The students continue to read {and sing} the big book version in the classroom throughout the year.

Our grade level team meets regularly throughout the year, but we are not able to meet with other grade levels as often. Recently, we met with the kindergarten teachers to discuss writing. We shared so many GREAT ideas. I wish we had time to meet more often. 

The kindergarten teachers shared ideas from a Nellie Edge Seminar that they had attended. Two books they recommended for writing:

Writing-to-Read Accelerates Literacy: All Kindergarteners Love to Write and Draw by Nellie Edge, Nellie Edge Resources, Inc.

Writing to Read in Kindergarten: Growing Engaged & Purposeful Writers Through the Lens of the Common Core Standards by Julie Lay and Nellie Edge, Nellie Edge Resources, Inc.

I attended a Nellie Edge seminar years ago, but I was so excited to hear lots of new ideas. Many of the ideas for kindergarten can be used and/or adapted for first grade. 

And, they also shared some classroom management ideas they learned at the seminar.

Our students use white boards for whole class and small group response activities and center activities. Handing out all the materials needed can be somewhat time-consuming. Boards, markers, and erasers need to be in student hands. And then collecting all the items is another management issue.

So, the kindergarten teachers shared this idea:

Drill a hole in the corner of the white board. Put a ring through the hole and then through a sock. Clasp the ring. The sock serves as an eraser and holder for the dry erase marker. 

It saves on time, because students only have to pass one item out to each student. Everything stays together, so things aren't lost {hopefully}.

Another idea shared is to use RESERVED SIGNS. It's a simple idea.

When a student leaves an activity or center temporarily, other students think that no one is using the materials or activity. Invariably, another student will take that student's place. For example, I have a stamping center for 4 students. It's POPULAR. If I call a student over to conference with the student, I want the other children to know that the place is taken. That student will be back shortly.

That's where the signs come in. Such a great idea. I decided to create a packet of signs to use in the classroom.

You can download the packet for FREE HERE.

Happy Weekend!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Valentine's Day Writing

I'm busy planning for next week. We will be reading The Red-Eyed Tree Frog by Joy Cowley {a story in our Houghton Mifflin Reading program} and beginning a unit on the rainforest.

I'm also adding last minute details to our Valentine's Day activities. The students will be engaged in Valentine's Day literacy and math activities and centers throughout the day. The day will culminate in opening those long-awaited Valentine's Day cards. It's always so precious to watch the excitement on the students' faces when they open their cards. A GREAT picture-taking day!

If you are looking for some Valentine's Day writing activities, I created this packet to use throughout this coming week. Click on the picture to purchase.

A Valentine's Day gift for you . . . open-ended writing printables included in the packet:

Click HERE to download.

Happy Sunday! 

Friday, February 1, 2013

Valentine's Day Math Centers and a SALE!

I'm excited to say that I just finished Valentine's Day Math Centers First Grade. It includes 8 math centers especially created for first grade with a Valentine's Day theme.

The packet includes:

With All My Heart less than and greater than
Conversation Hearts number order
A House With Heart true or false equations sort

Buggy Valentines place value
Send A Valentine 10 less
Bug Love 10 more
Valentine Treats roll, tally, and graph
Valentine's Day Hearts adding 3 numbers

Center name chart cards, center student chart, 120 number charts, counters {printable}, and completion certificates are included.

Click on the picture below to download the 120 chart {both in black and white and color} and the math counters for FREE.

All the items in my TPT store will be 20% off on Sunday, February 3rd thru Monday, February 4th. Shop on Sunday to get up to 28% off when you use the code: SUPER.  Click on the picture to see the items in my store that will be on sale. Have fun shopping. {I already have my wish list ready!}