Friday, February 22, 2013

Classroom Management Ideas and Nellie Edge

Do you use Nellie Edge materials in your classroom? I use several of her big books and songs to go along with them.

I Can Read Colors is the book I have students take home on the first day of first grade. The words to the book are on a pocket chart. We practice the words/song throughout the first day. I send the book home with the students with an "I Can Read" certificate. The students continue to read {and sing} the big book version in the classroom throughout the year.

Our grade level team meets regularly throughout the year, but we are not able to meet with other grade levels as often. Recently, we met with the kindergarten teachers to discuss writing. We shared so many GREAT ideas. I wish we had time to meet more often. 

The kindergarten teachers shared ideas from a Nellie Edge Seminar that they had attended. Two books they recommended for writing:

Writing-to-Read Accelerates Literacy: All Kindergarteners Love to Write and Draw by Nellie Edge, Nellie Edge Resources, Inc.

Writing to Read in Kindergarten: Growing Engaged & Purposeful Writers Through the Lens of the Common Core Standards by Julie Lay and Nellie Edge, Nellie Edge Resources, Inc.

I attended a Nellie Edge seminar years ago, but I was so excited to hear lots of new ideas. Many of the ideas for kindergarten can be used and/or adapted for first grade. 

And, they also shared some classroom management ideas they learned at the seminar.

Our students use white boards for whole class and small group response activities and center activities. Handing out all the materials needed can be somewhat time-consuming. Boards, markers, and erasers need to be in student hands. And then collecting all the items is another management issue.

So, the kindergarten teachers shared this idea:

Drill a hole in the corner of the white board. Put a ring through the hole and then through a sock. Clasp the ring. The sock serves as an eraser and holder for the dry erase marker. 

It saves on time, because students only have to pass one item out to each student. Everything stays together, so things aren't lost {hopefully}.

Another idea shared is to use RESERVED SIGNS. It's a simple idea.

When a student leaves an activity or center temporarily, other students think that no one is using the materials or activity. Invariably, another student will take that student's place. For example, I have a stamping center for 4 students. It's POPULAR. If I call a student over to conference with the student, I want the other children to know that the place is taken. That student will be back shortly.

That's where the signs come in. Such a great idea. I decided to create a packet of signs to use in the classroom.

You can download the packet for FREE HERE.

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  1. The sock and dry erase marker idea is BRILLIANT!! I teach juniors and we write on the desks with dry erase markers. I hot glued a fuzzy ball on the end of each marker so they can erase easily! :)

    I'm your newest follower!


  2. Great ideas, Mona. I'm going to check out Nellie Edge too.

    Grade ONEderful
    Ruby Slippers Blog Designs

  3. Thank you so much for the great dry erase board idea. I use the socks and boards but never thought about attaching them. That's why blogs are such great inspiration for teachers.

  4. Such great ideas!! I love your posters!
    Ms. Jones’ Junction


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