Thursday, June 27, 2013

Fourth of July with Throwback Thursday

Hi everyone. It's hard to believe, but it's been almost 2 weeks since I've been out of school. I'm loving every moment of summer break. We actually have a short summer this year. I'll be back to school mid-August.

It's funny, but as soon as the school year is over, I immediately start thinking about back to school and all the things I want to change and try. Do you do that, too?

Next year will be a year of change. Our {most wonderful} principal retired this past year, and we will find out {hopefully} by the end of June who will be our new principal. We implemented the Common Core standards in writing last year. This coming year, we're fully implementing the Common Core Standards. Change is good, right?

Today, I'm linking with Cara Carroll at the First Grade Parade for Throwback Thursday. Such a fantastic and fun idea!

With Fourth of July around the corner, I thought I'd throwback to some red, white, and blue ideas from my post last Fourth of July.

It actually was made up of two posts: Fourth of July part 1 and Fourth of July part 2.

I'm a quilter. Here's a block from my friendship flag quilt.

A group of us made quilt blocks and shared them with each other to make a flag quilt.

I incorporate quilting {lots of great quilting literature books - The Quilt Story by Tony Johnston is one of my favorite} into lessons throughout the year. 

I just love this book.

Quilting Through the Year by Paula Symonds
I always start the school year out making the paper quilt that's on the front cover. I'll have to take a picture of ours this coming year. The faces have so much character. Just plain cute. The paper quilt projects in the book incorporate social studies, math, and art. They also have patterns for various grade levels.

A Fourth of July paper quilt project.

{free download}

A sample.

Or how about a Fourth of July game?

For more Throwback Thursday ideas, click here.

And I hope you have a Happy Fourth of July.

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  1. I love all your artistic ideas!! i've been following you on pinterest for a while! I'm so glad I found you on cara's linky. stop by my throwback Thursday when you get the chance!
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