Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Homework Helps

My homework packet is continually evolving. I originally got the ideas in the packet from a former colleague. From year to year, I adjust it to meet the needs of the class. This is what I send home for homework.

The students start the year with a colored laminated pocket folder with a cover that looks like this:

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As the year progresses, the cover looks like this:

The cover of the folder becomes a sticker album. Each time the students complete and return their homework on time, I place a sticker on their folders. The front and back of the folders are covered with stickers by the end of the year.

This is what is assigned:

Monday: handwriting
Tuesday: phonics or reading comprehension
Wednesday: math
Thursday: writing

To be completed during the week:

     daily reading
     practice word cards
     spelling worksheet/practice spelling words

The assignment sheet looks like this:

Packets are sent home on Monday and returned on Friday. All happy faces means that all assignments were completed correctly and returned on time. The children love counting all the happy faces they get on the cover.

The writing assignment is usually connected to our reading series.

The  worksheet for oral presentations has a place for a picture or photograph:

Each Friday the students give brief oral presentations as part of their homework for the week. They practice what they are going to say about the topic. This is one of the students' favorite times of the week. They love to give their presentations! The students work on speaking, listening, and questioning. After each presentation, the students are able to ask questions of the presenter. I'm amazed at how much the students have grown in their abilities to speak to a topic.

The homework definitely helps. It reinforces skills and gives the children extra needed practice.

Looking ahead to to SPRING BREAK . . . just 2 days away!


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