Tuesday, April 2, 2013

April Currently

Today I'm linking with Farley at Oh' Boy Fourth Grade with the April Currently.

LISTENING - I'm sitting at my computer - oblivious to any background sounds. I'd rather be listening to music, but when I stop to listen, all I hear in the background is the sound of clothes drying.  Reminds me that I have one more load of wash to do. Not so interesting - just the reality of what's happening currently. Anyone else in the midst of washing and drying clothes?

LOVING - 2 absolutely precious pugs, cuddling beside me. They look so content. As I've said before, I just love pugs.

THINKING - about spring break. I know that most schools have already had spring break or are on spring break this week. Our spring break starts next week. It's late compared to other districts. It will be a nice, looong-awaited break. I know my students will enjoy it. They've been sharing about vacations, visiting grandparents, and just having fun with family and friends. We've all got a bit of spring fever.

WANTING - I just love sunshine and blue skies. It started to drizzle this morning, and the gray clouds were rolling in. But by late morning, the sun was out and the skies were blue. Sometimes I take my class outside to do Read to Self on warm, sunny days. The warmth of the sun and the blue, blue skies is completely uplifting.

NEEDING - We just completed a big unit on the rainforest, report cards were recently sent home, and we're starting to practice for our first grade play. In the back of my mind, I'm thinking about all that we need to accomplish by the end of the school year {which is now just a few months away}. Ongoing organization is what I need. It seems like "catching up" is always on my To Do List.

ADVICE - I've been selling on Teachers Pay Teachers now for about a year. It's been a year of learning curves. It's been a year of ongoing "figuring it out." It's been a year of frustration at times, excitement at times, and I wish I already knew how to do that at times. 

My advice would be to relax and enjoy the learning process. Enjoy each step and leap that you take as you grow and learn to create better and better products. Know that it will take time and all that "figuring it out" is really quite intrinsically rewarding. 

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  1. I'm in the middle of doing laundry too! Wanna come over and fold mine? ;)

    I'm off to check out your TPT store. I start with one product this summer and then didn't add more until December. This quarter has been amazing! I'm happy with every little item I sell.

  2. Hi, I saw your post on the April Currently so I'm stopping by! Your advice is much needed! There are so many questions and things I have to google to find out on my own and sometimes it makes the process frustrating. Overall worth it, though.

    Nice to meet you! I'm following! :)
    The 4th Grade Journey

  3. Organization is just a dream I have decided! I can't seem to ever get it done! Piles of stuff are going to be the death of me! Thanks for stopping by! The Iowa blogger button came from 5th in the Middle's linky party! Enjoy your upcoming spring break!

  4. Sometimes I just love the sound of the washer and dryer. Something comforting about it!

    Journey of a Substitute Teacher

  5. I completely relate to always having catching up on my to do list as well, it seems there are never enough hours in the school day to get everything done. I am kinda envious your spring break is so late looking at the last stretch of school with no breaks is kinda never-racking. Thanks for stopping by!

  6. Found your blog through Currently. I am stalking around finding some firstie teachers. I will be teaching first grade next year and I love making TpT classroom theme and packets. Check out my blog and leave me a comment if you have any great ideas!

    Hope your spring break was great!

    Freebie in my latest post if you comment!

    If You Give a Teacher a Treat


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