Saturday, October 6, 2012

October Book of the Month Blog Hop

I am joining the October Book of the Month Blog Hop hosted by Tammy at 123 Teach With Me. Teachers are sharing books that they read to the class during October that have an October theme.

I chose a Halloween book that I always look forward to reading to the class. It's titled, Mouse's First Halloween. The author is Lauren Thompson.

It's one of my favorite Halloween read alouds, because on a spooky night . . .

Mouse keeps hearing noises and seeing things that make him say, "Eeek!" The students in the class love to PREDICT what they might be. A partial large picture is included on each page. Each is revealed on the following page. So, it's a wonderful book for making PREDICTIONS.

The text has rhyme and pattern. Each thing that the mouse encounters is not so scary. The children chant the part, "Not so scary after all."

It has repetition. Each of the things or animals that the mouse encounters makes a sound that is repeated three times. It's fun to have the students think of movements to go along with the sounds. The question, "What could it be?" is repeated before turning each page. They love to chant this part, too.

It's also great for talking about descriptive language. Each thing or animal that the mouse sees is named with one adjective that describes it. It lends itself to a discussion and writing lesson on using descriptive words.  

Large and colorful illustrations fill each page. 

So much can be done with this book. It definitely is one of those books that can be read aloud multiple times.

I created some printables to go with the book.

Click on the picture for the FREE download.

Lauren Thompson has created a series of Mouse's First books. 

Mouse's First Fall is another great book to read this time of the year.

Join the BLOG HOP to share more October read alouds.


  1. Great suggestions and thanks for the freebie. I look forward to using it next week.

  2. Thanks for joining the Linky this month!! These books look ADORABLE...thanks for the freebie!!

    1...2...3...Teach With Me
    Dots of Fun!

  3. I'm reading "The Scarecrow's Hat" by Ken Brown and "Scarecrow" by Cynthia Rylant ......fall stories!

    1. Hi Jane,

      I love "The Scarecrow's Hat" by Ken Brown. I'll have to check out "Scarecrow." Cynthia Rylant's one of my favorite authors.

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  5. You've been Boo-ed! Head over to my blog to see what it's about!
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