Monday, July 23, 2012

Organization: Literature Books and Book Tote

Courtesy of  dazeychic

I just LOVE children's literature books! I have quite a collection. I have spent the last few summers sorting and coding them. They're in colored baskets in my classroom library by topics. 

What I am finding, though, is that I keep collecting, but I don't keep an ongoing inventory of them. That's my next step.

I've recently signed up for Pinterest. I had no idea that it would open up a whole new world of ideas, sites, and blogs. 

A few of my finds for keeping track of a classroom library of books:

Book Retriever App

It allows you to scan, level, and inventory your classroom library. It even gives you leveling choices. You can find it at

You scan the barcode on your books and the scanner fills in the information. You can access your lists on your computer or iPhone. They even have a discount for teachers. You can get more information about it here.

And speaking about children's literature books . . . I hope you know about Shawna's blog: The Picture Book Teacher's Edition.

It's instantly apparent that she loves children's literature books. She reviews them, suggests reading skills and strategies, and also posts some activities. Her expertise is a wonderful resource. Click on the picture to visit her site.

I have to share my new teacher tote for all those books I cart back and forth to school. 

I love the colors!

The inside of the tote. Another pocket on the other side {so handy}.

My sister made the tote for me. I can't wait to use it this school year. The material looks like it was made for teachers. Do you see the apples on the handles? So CUUUTE! I'm trying to convince her to sell them in her Sandy Beach Creations Etsy shop. I'll keep you posted if she does.

Happy book collecting to all of you!


  1. What a timely post! I'm currently knee deep in books trying to level them right now. I will have to check out the booksource app and the intelliscanner, because there has to be an easier way than looking up each book individually.

    And cuuute bag!

  2. I actually downloaded the Book Retriever app today...and when I went to use it, it couldn't find my books. I don't think the directory is that inclusive, yet. I'm going to check out Intelliscanner and some other apps.

    You Might Be a First Grader...

    1. Hi Brenda,

      That's good to know. It might be that the Intelliscanner is the way to go. Let me know what you find out.


  3. Hi Mona
    Thanks for mentioning me! I just have to say I love your blog and that adorable book bag!
    The Picture Book Teachers Edition

  4. Very cute tote!! Thanks for visiting me on my blog! I am now following you. :)

  5. I love that tote! Super cute! That is one thing I love about the beginning of the year...finding a new teacher bag :)

    Do you use the intelliscanner? I went to the link you provided and I am super intrigued!


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