Saturday, July 14, 2012


Why autumn in the summer? It's because I think of autumn when I think of back to school activities.

Beautiful autumn.

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It's my favorite season of the year. I hope to visit the New England states during the autumn months someday to see the changing colors of the trees . . . something I've only experienced thru pictures. 

I do love the subtleties of autumn that we have in California. The crispness in the air and the anticipation of the holiday season uplift me. I have an innate desire for homemade during this season. Soups and baked goods. Pumpkins on the doorsteps, sunflowers in the gardens, and a few scarecrows scattered here and there. It's my time of year.

So, I made a packet of teaching materials befitting the season.

This packet includes literacy and math activities and centers. A peek of what is included in the packet:

Autumn Web
Take a Survey Apples and Pumpkins
Let's Write an Autumn Poem!
Hootin' About Owls
My Life as a Pumpkin Booklet
3 literacy and 3 math centers

And here's a glimpse of the Pumpkin Scarecrow Glyph/Craftivity:

Graphics from Scrappin Doodles
Isn't he CUTE? He even has a pocket for his reading bookmark!
Click on the pictures to visit my store and download a preview.

You can download these BOOKMARKS and  SCARECROW BRACE MAP from the packet for free HERE.

Now back to summer. Enjoy your day.


  1. I LOVE autumn too! It's always so beautiful. I love that picture you posted. I don't want summer to rush by or anything, but I always look forward to the fall. Your pumpkin scarecrow looks awesome!!! I love your stuff. I'm definitely a big fan! :)
    Sarah's First Grade Snippets

  2. I have a blog award for you. Stop by my blog to pick it up.

  3. Beautiful pics. I too have an award for you!
    Leading and Reading

  4. Fall in New England is the best! I hope you get to come visit some day!
    Thanks for the great freebie!

    Pixy Stix and Teacher Tricks

  5. Hi Mona,
    I am not sure what a "brace" map is and hope you can fill me in? Love the scarecrow theme ideas ... I'm doing pumpkins and scarecrows for the next two weeks.
    Happy Fall!

    1. Hi Kim,

      A brace map is a kind of thinking map. A brace map can be used to go from parts to whole or vice-versa. Students think about the parts of a scarecrow and write the words on the lines. I also used it to write descriptive words for a scarecrow. I hope this helps to clarify it for you.



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