Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Fourth of July and Paper Quilting {Part 1}

It's a beautiful summer day today, and I'm thoroughly enjoying my summer vacation. I hope you're enjoying yours, too!

With Fourth of July around the corner, flags and red, white, and blue are everywhere!

{red + white + blue = my favorite color combination; RED = my favorite color!}

I have a FLAG quilt that I like to display during the summer. These are two of the flag blocks:

I am fascinated by quilts - I not only enjoy making them, but I also appreciate the art and history behind them. I love how quilting involves both math and art.

My students make paper quilt blocks during the year. It's a great way to reinforce math skills such as geometry, spatial relationships, and measurement.

One of the books I use is Quilting Through the Year by Paula Symonds.

Each paper quilt starts with a mathematics lesson.

All this red, white, and blue inspired me to put together a "Make a Flag Quilt Block" activity for children that can be used for Fourth of July or other Patriotic holidays and units.

I started with these supplies:

an assortment of scrapbook paper or construction paper

acrylic paints, star stamps, brushes, corrugated paper, bubble wrap, and glue

First steps: cut paper squares, glue to pattern, and apply stickers

Examples of the first steps:

I was definitely inspired by my flag quilt. I'm waiting for paint to dry. I'll show you the next step in Fourth of July and Paper Quilting {Part 2} (tomorrow).

If you're interested in more Fourth of July activities, click on the picture for All About Fourth of July literacy activities.
Enjoy your evening,

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