Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Writing and the Common Core Standards

A box was delivered to my classroom last week. It was a box with nine books in it. The box was titled:

Units of Study for Primary Writing: A Yearlong Curriculum

Two of the books included in the box:

And the other books:

Poetry: Powerful Thoughts in Tiny Packages by Lucy Calkins and Stephanie Parsons
Nonfiction Writing: Procedures and Reports by Lucy Calkins and Laurie Pessah
Authors as Mentors by Lucy Calkins and Amanda Hartman
The Craft of Revision by Lucy Calkins and Pat Bleichman
Writing for Readers: Teaching Skills and Strategies by Lucy Calkins and Natalie Louis
Small Moments: Personal Narrative Writing by Lucy Calkins and Abby Oxenhorn
Launching the Writing Workshop by Lucy Calkins and Leah Mermelstein

Don't you just love those titles? 

These are added to my Summer Reading List. (Actually, I already started reading one of them. ) The year's not over, and I'm already thinking about next year.

Our district is in the process of implementing the Common Core Standards. We will begin with the writing standards.  Each elementary teacher was given a set of these books to use in the classroom. District training meetings and these resources will help support us as we make the transition to the new standards.

I had the privilege of hearing Lucy Calkins speak at a conference I attended several years ago. It changed the way I view children's writing capabilities. I've used this book for many years:

It's one of those books that I use as a reference book. It has sticky notes sticking out, writing on the margins, and highlighted throughout. Those are my favorite kinds of books.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on these books.

Seven more days of school left . . .


  1. Thanks for sharing these! We are beginning the CC standards next year & I'm looking for all of the resources that I can get. I've heard so many good things about Lucy Calkins that I'm hoping to look into it more this summer!
    Learning Is Something to Treasure

    1. Hi Lisa!

      I'm doing the same - looking for resources and ideas from others and online. We'll have to share ideas as we begin to use the new standards.


  2. I had to come and check out your post about Lucy Calkins. I have been using her units of study for several years now. You will not be disappointed!! I love her work and her program allows students to grow at their own rate! I think you will love it!!
    JD's Rockin' Readers

  3. Jennie,

    That's so good to know! I'm really looking forward to using her books for my writing program next year. I downloaded your sight word list. I plan to incorporate it next year. It definitely makes a lot of sense.



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