Saturday, December 15, 2012

Christmas "Toed" Stockings and The Polar Express

The students in my class create Christmas stockings with a "toed" twist.

The children trace a stocking pattern onto two pieces of 12" x 18" red or green construction paper.

They cut out a snow-melting pattern for the tops of the stockings.

The stockings are glued together {on the edges only} for a two-sided stocking that can be stuffed and filled with a {SURPRISE} treat or two.

I give scraps of colored construction paper to the children and then the real FUN begins.

Snowflakes are a must on this stocking.

Love the snowman's big carrot nose.

Don't forget the snowman's hat.

The lights shine brightly on the top of this Christmas tree.

I'm amazed at the tiny details on this stocking.

And now the stockings adorn our classroom walls.

I don't have a space large enough for a stocking bulletin board, so the stockings are scattered here and there on the classroom walls. It's quite festive that way. And it's as close as it gets to snowing in our part of the world.

The insides of the stockings are stuffed with tissue paper. I put surprise gifts in them for the students before they take them home for winter break. {By way, they just giggle and LOVE that the toes are showing thru the stockings}.

Next week, we're on to Polar Express activities. We will be reading The Polar Express by Chris Van Allsburg. The children will be engaged in reading, writing, math, and art activities based on the book. 

Next Friday is our last day of school before our winter break. The first graders will come to school dressed in their pajamas, robes, and slippers with their stuffed animals in tow. The rooms will be transformed into Polar Express trains {that even serve hot cocoa}. The morning is filled with a "ride" on the train, rereading the book, and drinking hot cocoa as the children are involved in Polar Express activities. 

We will be using activities from The Polar Express for Firsties

It's filled with literacy and math activities and centers prepared especially for first grade. Click on the picture to preview the activities included in the packet.

I also have Polar Express bookmarks that you can download for FREE.

Bookmark graphics and fonts by Little Red's Schoolhouse, Kevin and Amanda

When I give the students colored bookmarks, I laminate them first. They last longer, and I think it's a great way to promote reading. First graders love the idea of placing a bookmark in a book - especially the beginning chapter books that they are so proud they can read. The black and white ones are great, too, because the children can color them. Take your pick. Both are included in the download. 

You can download them HERE.

I would love to hear about some of the activities you have planned for your last week before winter break.


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  3. Your stockings are so cute! Love those little toes!
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